Deep Waters


David Spalvieri-Kruse began writing songs as Deep Waters in 2009. The first songs were anchored in piano driven structures enriched with synthesizer arrangements, electronic loops, ambient delay, and tremors of reverb. In 2011, a self-titled full length LP inspired by periods of time living in Kalamazoo, MI and Machias, ME was released by the Diamond Wave Press. The album’s tone was winter-inspired with lyrics focusing on the passing of time, nature reverence, and personal revelation. Recent explorations have shifted into fully-textured guitar songs backed by a full band. A dedicated amount of focus on lyrics, harmonies, guitar interplay, and rhythm have influenced the current waves of recent output. A new EP featuring this new style was released in September 2014 by the Diamond Wave Press & Already Dead Tapes. A grounded focus in a spiritual reverence for the natural world with lyrics bent on an ecstatic-future vision intertwine the former and present styles as part of one body and vision.

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